Project Development & Operations Support Engineer

  • 12/07/2018
  • Ref.0242


On Line People Limited are currently looking for a Project Development & Operations Support Engineer to work for a major client based in Immingham. This is a permanent staff position working 37.5 hours per week Monday to Friday.


The salary will be dependent on experience, plus attractive benefits package.

Basic purpose/accountabilities

Accountable for coordinating the Engineering of a Development opportunity working with the Project Co-ordinator to manage the engineering of the development under the guidance of the Project Developer/Stake Holder and under the technical leadership of the Technical Services Manager for any direction in the process.

Primary Accountabilities / Responsibilities

  • Develop the basic outline for the new development for review, then produce designs and configurations that reflect the requirements of the overall project scope and objectives for further discussion.
  • Lead the development and have the capability and aptitude to handle other development opportunities at the same time that are being considered by the developer, whilst maintaining focus on the main goal.
  • Develop alternative solutions to the initial scope to provide a discussion platform, for the alternatives to be considered with the Project Developer/Stake Holder and Project Co-ordinator.
  • Manage Engineering assigned to any external design companies engaged to produce modelling schemes for the development.
  • Manage external consultants when required, be able to recommend to the Project Co-ordinator a requirement for the use of external consultants.
  • Have experience in Power Plant Design, HV Electrical Distribution Networks, Gas Networks, Water Treatment Plant Systems and Permitting requirements for development of Power Plant.
  • Have an understanding of the Planning processes (Local limitations, DCO Processes, Regulatory limitations).
  • On occasions, be able to operate and produce output from the software modelling suites when an opportunity is in the initial stages.
  • Carry out technical reviews, studies and required calculations to demonstrate that the technical solutions are have a sound engineering basis and technically viable.
  • Be commercially aware and able to manage the costs of the consultants ensuring the budget for the work is maintained.
  • Have an insight into the operational requirements of the concept being developed and ensure that the operational flexibility requirements are met whilst producing a concept which meets the economic criteria.
  • Ability to present the cases produced to the team and justify the reasoning.
  • Have the ability to accept changes to the original scope and work those changes into the design concept.
  • Chartered Engineer
  • Preferably 5 years of Power Engineering, Process Engineering, Project Engineering & Design experience for Power plants Process and/or related industrial plants.
  • Must embody and be an outstanding in core value processes with a no-compromise attitude in SHE, valuing all people and have sound business ethics.
  • Time management, balancing time between direction from the Project Developer/Stake Holder, leading the development engineering, and use of Outside consultant assistance in the development process.
  • Experience and Familiarity with design and construction codes applying to power plant construction, both International and local country, such as ASME, BS, Stoomwezen, DIN, EN etc; to enable suitable direction to be given to the any engineer working alongside and others.
  • Ability to use all necessary software programs to be able to challenge the data produced in the development process and to be competent in the use of programs – such as;
  • Microsoft Project, Word, Excel, Power Point etc
  • ThermoFlow Suite of software (Thermoflex, GTPro, GTMaster, STMPro & Master)
  • Pipe Flow analysis software
  • Pump Power Programs
  • Pipeline flow (dp) and temperature drop programs
  • Liaison with other plant engineers electrical or operations on the systems that may require integration with the power plant or other devices being considered.
  • Ability to use all necessary software programs to produce the back-up information in the development process.
  • Must be familiar with commercial drivers of projects and the commercial structuring of contracts to support other engineers that may have been contracted into the team to achieve the commercial success in executing the project.
  • A self-starter with a high level of self confidence to challenge the Site Management, Consultants, Equipment suppliers and others to obtain the information required to execute the development, being diplomatic in the approaches to the persons, companies or individuals to obtain the information required.
  • Must have leadership capability and good interpersonal and team building skills to support engineers in co-ordinating and motivating contractors, partners, customers and other personnel.
  • Experience with NGC Code, and the connection application process, have completed the CUSC application and DRC for any major 275kV or 400kV applications
  • Familiarity with design and construction codes for H.V electrical equipment and plant site voltages 33, 11 & 6.6kV systems
  • Experience with NGG Codes, and the connection application process, have completed the Main gas connection applications
  • Maintain and Develop contacts with outside suppliers, manufacturers, OEM’s, consultants that will have the technical skills and background knowledge the will be of use in the development of projects.
  • Able to develop cost estimate packages to provide the initial estimates for projects, without resorting to the use of outside bodies that will take time to respond.
  • Ability to produce “Scopes of Work” documents for Consultants and/or Contractors to bid against, for specific work packages.
  • Have a wide project construction knowledge, together with experience in the construction aspects of a project.


Critical Skills / leadership criteria