Insulation Coordinator

  • 09/01/2020
  • Ref.0422

On Line People Limited are currently looking for an Insulation Co-ordinator to work for one of our major clients based in Immingham. This is initially a contract position for approximately twelve (12) months. The basic working hours will be 08:00am – 16:30pm Mondays and Tuesday-Friday 08:00am – 16:0pm

Scope/Planning work

  • All work (Routine, Inspection, Tanks, Projects, Fabric, Turnaround) shall be validated for labour, plant and materials and agreed with Brand by means of site visit(s).
  • All hours and costs supplied to the company’s Planner along with appropriate job steps for input into the Fabric Maintenance primavera schedule.

Cost Reviewing

  • All measure sheets shall be agreed
  • All Day Work sheets shall be agreed with Brand and passed on for approval by a member of staff’s signature.


  • Carry out ad hoc inspections on conventional and system scaffolds.
  • Check scaffolds fall within a seven-day criteria ensuring no over dues.
  • Carry our QA checks for all IPFA disciplines.



  • Off hire, transfer and decommission scaffolds within the Safertak system to ensure accuracy on a daily basis
  • Manage scaffolds as to ensure minimum numbers are standing at all times.

Monitoring Progress/QA-QC

  • Execution progress shall be monitored daily, ensuring any problems, hold ups etc. are identified to the Supervisors and Planner in a timely manner.
  • Reactive, additional and emergent work hours will be captured and passed to the Planner on a daily basis.
  • All works shall be checked for quality whether it is against the HRSM, REP's or appropriate discipline standard and rejected if not of the necessary standard.
  • A non-conformance form will also be submitted if the nature is something not considered a genuine mistake.

Drive Productivity

  • Day to day execution problems shall be resolved to enable maximum use of labour.

Assistance shall be given to reduce, remove any such namely but not limited to:

  • PTW
  • Risk assessments
  • Priority decisions
  • Operational problems
  • Interface issues with other work groups


  • TG20:15/NASC SG4
  • ICORR Painting-insulation-fireproofing
  • IOSH
  • NVQ 3
  • Advanced inspection for conventional and system
  • Microsoft Excel/Word
  • Credo/P&ID
  • PTW/Hazard Awareness
  • Risk Assessment
  • HRSM Awareness